NRL Code 7300 - Oceanography Division

Mission Statement

The Oceanography Division is responsible for planning and executing a broad-spectrum research, development, test and evaluation program in biological, chemical, dynamical, and physical processes of the open ocean, coastal and littoral areas, and marine boundary layers. The oceanographic research is both theoretical and experimental in nature and is focused on understanding ocean, coastal, and littoral area hydro/thermodynamics, waves, tides, circulation, ice dynamics, air-sea exchanges, optics, bioluminescence, and microbially induced corrosion/metal microbe interaction. This research is based on the synthesis of numerical-dynamical models, theory, and results of field experiments and measurements using ships, satellites, buoys, moorings, unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV), and remotely piloted vehicles (RPV). The Division work includes analyses of biological processes that mediate and control bioluminescence distributions in the oceans, coastal, and littoral regions; and the biological-chemical reactions on marine surfaces. The Division program is designed to be responsive to, and to anticipate, naval needs. Key to this is extensive interaction with the Warfare Centers, the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), and the fleet; and substantial participation in Navy R&D planning groups. Transition of Division products to DOD, Navy system developers, and operational Navy and civilian (dual-use) programs is a primary goal. The Division program participates in and is coordinated and interactive with DOD, Navy, other NRL Division programs and activities, the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Research Program, and other governmental agencies involved in oceanographic activities. The Division collaborates and cooperates with scientists from the academic community and other U.S. and foreign laboratories.

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